I can’t wait for

The days when people understand

The days when they stop looking as if I have blood on my hands

The days in which I am not doing the unthinkable 

The days in which I will be considered courageous, but not in a whisper-tone

The days when people understand the actual beauty of life and nature

The days when people stop taking loved ones for granted

The days when our perceptions of people go further than what meets the eye

I am waiting for the day when I feel comfortable to leave my future children with my neighbors

When I am welcomed daily by people who only know my name

When people make eye contact and smile genuinely at one another

The day when no one is considered an outsider

That day… is a simple day

That day will be filled with laughter and very simple, innocent things. 

It is not like us to be like that today.

The most beautifully precious things in life are the things that are innocent. Why do we take the innocent for granted? Why is anything innocent considered weak?
I object. 
Innocence is bold… in a day like today. Because innocence is different. 

Who are we to judge one another? Who are we to be curious? 

Are we not all human? Do we not all laugh laughter and cry tears? 
Why are we so different? Are we different?

Or are we under the illusion of evolution and competition?

Are we all evolved and competing? Who will be the next step higher? 
Who will maintain the innocence?


Girls supporting girls

As a woman I find it my utmost responsibility to support other women. As a human, I find it my utmost responsibility to support other humans. But my utmost responsibility to support women seems closer and more important to me, why? The reason is that women have been given a beautiful gift. Their hearts. Whether a woman is in denial of her gift or feels as if her gift doesn’t shine as bright as others, it is important for us to uplift one another in a society that is full of competition. You see, the problem is, women are prone to competition in such a man’s world. We compete for jobs, we compete in looks, we compete in prestige, and we compete for partners. Women are so hard on theirselves. They have this distinct competitive nature. However, when we use that nature to compete collectively rather than against each other, magic happens. You see this whole female nature is kind of like a paradox. We have such a competitive nature, and we are a lot more feisty that the boys, yet we are in some ways still unequal. Our competitive natures can be our best friends and our worst enemies. Women who know the secret, however, can outsmart nature, and capitalize on their strengths (competitive, perspective, soft-hearted, work ethic) and adjust weaknesses by working together. If women United, we wouldn’t have to fight for our rights because we would be on top calling all the shots. I encourage all my fellow women to stop competing so much, and start collaborating. Life eachother up and support eachother. We are a sisterhood, and we should stand together and take what we want. Because we totally can! β€πŸ’œ

Feeling negativityΒ 

Sometimes we feel negativity. It’s inevitable. But how do we react? That is the most important question. We all have the right to have and express emotion, but the most important thing we can do for ourselves in this short time on earth is to always have gratitude– even in the hard times. We cannot control everything that happens to us. We can control our lives to an extent.. we can work for things , we can not work for things… but we cannot control outside events. Sometimes when bad things happen we feel like the universe is punishing us. I challenge you not to blame your problems on the universe. I challenge you to turn your problems on their heads. Feel the emotion. Go through the process. But then, look at you problems from every single persepective you can possibly think of. Remind yourself that the things that matter most to us in one second, will be but a spec on the grand scale of life. Our problems shape us. Sometimes the shaping process is ugly, but the growing process is beautiful. I challenge you to learn to love challenges, and to learn to love finding peace within them. That is how you are going to truly be successful in this life. 

Being ourselves

Are we really meant to conform?

Think about it a little bit. Do you think that we, as humans are supposed to fit into some type of society? Or do we just do that in order to keep order? 
Doesn’t that alter our potential? I just want to know what other people think of this. I mean, some of the most genius, creative people chose not to conform to society. Salvador Dali is one example of a man who was highly disturbed. I mean, the dude was messed up by who parents who basically said he was the reincarnation of his dead sibling.. of course he didn’t want to conform to society. 

The point is, is that not what we are supposed to do as humans? We didnt conform with the animal kingdom. We said F this we’re walking on two legs. So why does it seem so hard to keep peace and order without conformity? It feels like we should of figured it out by now, am I right? If we allow ourselves to truly be ourselves what real harm can we do? Instead I think we will grow and prosper as a species and the best part about it is that we are all undeniably unique, but completely connected. So, it’s kind of like a puzzle. If we do not have one piece, it’s just not going to work. So why do you keep comparing yourself to others? Why do you want to be anything else but yourself? You are important. We need you!

Today Is Beautiful

Good Afternoon my beautiful friends.

Today is beautiful.

What is the ultimate message behind a sentence so uncomplex?

I will answer the question for you.

The best thing about this sentence is that whether you actually feel like your day is beautiful or not, just saying this sentence a couple times and forcing a smile can work miracles.

Maybe at this point you are rolling your eyes to the back of your head and I’m okay with that; but I encourage you, in fact, I am forcing you to just d o i t .

Life is but an attitude. This is a fact. The more you force yourself to smile, the more you will smile. (Duh?) The more you start to appreciate all of the beautiful things that life has to offer, the more you will feel that you are a huge part of “the movement
what is “the movement” ??

It is nothing short of the secret of life. The golden apple. The big break. The
key to

It is the formula to being one with yourself and with everything around you.

Okay so you lost your job, or you are just… lost. Maybe you are down, confused (it’s the beginning of February, it’s normal).

Let me do something for you that will make you do something for yourself that will make you feel better…










How do you feel?

Did you smile?

Did you laugh?

Isn’t it cute?

How are you?

Please take the rest of the day and comit to smiling at least once every hour. Even if you have to force it, I promise making a habit of force-smiling will train your body to start doing it without you even noticing and before you know it, you’ll be the happiest you’ve ever been!


I hope you enjoy today & tomorrow and the next day, AND D O N T F O R G E T…

Today is Beautiful🌸