Being ourselves

Are we really meant to conform?

Think about it a little bit. Do you think that we, as humans are supposed to fit into some type of society? Or do we just do that in order to keep order? 
Doesn’t that alter our potential? I just want to know what other people think of this. I mean, some of the most genius, creative people chose not to conform to society. Salvador Dali is one example of a man who was highly disturbed. I mean, the dude was messed up by who parents who basically said he was the reincarnation of his dead sibling.. of course he didn’t want to conform to society. 

The point is, is that not what we are supposed to do as humans? We didnt conform with the animal kingdom. We said F this we’re walking on two legs. So why does it seem so hard to keep peace and order without conformity? It feels like we should of figured it out by now, am I right? If we allow ourselves to truly be ourselves what real harm can we do? Instead I think we will grow and prosper as a species and the best part about it is that we are all undeniably unique, but completely connected. So, it’s kind of like a puzzle. If we do not have one piece, it’s just not going to work. So why do you keep comparing yourself to others? Why do you want to be anything else but yourself? You are important. We need you!

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