Feeling negativity 

Sometimes we feel negativity. It’s inevitable. But how do we react? That is the most important question. We all have the right to have and express emotion, but the most important thing we can do for ourselves in this short time on earth is to always have gratitude– even in the hard times. We cannot control everything that happens to us. We can control our lives to an extent.. we can work for things , we can not work for things… but we cannot control outside events. Sometimes when bad things happen we feel like the universe is punishing us. I challenge you not to blame your problems on the universe. I challenge you to turn your problems on their heads. Feel the emotion. Go through the process. But then, look at you problems from every single persepective you can possibly think of. Remind yourself that the things that matter most to us in one second, will be but a spec on the grand scale of life. Our problems shape us. Sometimes the shaping process is ugly, but the growing process is beautiful. I challenge you to learn to love challenges, and to learn to love finding peace within them. That is how you are going to truly be successful in this life. 

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