Girls supporting girls

As a woman I find it my utmost responsibility to support other women. As a human, I find it my utmost responsibility to support other humans. But my utmost responsibility to support women seems closer and more important to me, why? The reason is that women have been given a beautiful gift. Their hearts. Whether a woman is in denial of her gift or feels as if her gift doesn’t shine as bright as others, it is important for us to uplift one another in a society that is full of competition. You see, the problem is, women are prone to competition in such a man’s world. We compete for jobs, we compete in looks, we compete in prestige, and we compete for partners. Women are so hard on theirselves. They have this distinct competitive nature. However, when we use that nature to compete collectively rather than against each other, magic happens. You see this whole female nature is kind of like a paradox. We have such a competitive nature, and we are a lot more feisty that the boys, yet we are in some ways still unequal. Our competitive natures can be our best friends and our worst enemies. Women who know the secret, however, can outsmart nature, and capitalize on their strengths (competitive, perspective, soft-hearted, work ethic) and adjust weaknesses by working together. If women United, we wouldn’t have to fight for our rights because we would be on top calling all the shots. I encourage all my fellow women to stop competing so much, and start collaborating. Life eachother up and support eachother. We are a sisterhood, and we should stand together and take what we want. Because we totally can! ❤💜

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