I can’t wait for

The days when people understand

The days when they stop looking as if I have blood on my hands

The days in which I am not doing the unthinkable 

The days in which I will be considered courageous, but not in a whisper-tone

The days when people understand the actual beauty of life and nature

The days when people stop taking loved ones for granted

The days when our perceptions of people go further than what meets the eye

I am waiting for the day when I feel comfortable to leave my future children with my neighbors

When I am welcomed daily by people who only know my name

When people make eye contact and smile genuinely at one another

The day when no one is considered an outsider

That day… is a simple day

That day will be filled with laughter and very simple, innocent things. 

It is not like us to be like that today.

The most beautifully precious things in life are the things that are innocent. Why do we take the innocent for granted? Why is anything innocent considered weak?
I object. 
Innocence is bold… in a day like today. Because innocence is different. 

Who are we to judge one another? Who are we to be curious? 

Are we not all human? Do we not all laugh laughter and cry tears? 
Why are we so different? Are we different?

Or are we under the illusion of evolution and competition?

Are we all evolved and competing? Who will be the next step higher? 
Who will maintain the innocence?

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